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Where is the extra arterial pressure used to stop bleeding?

Date:2024-02-01    Click: 1060

When a patient experiences arterial rupture and bleeding, the thumb is used to compress the bleeding site to the proximal end of the bleeding vessel, mainly because the flow of arterial blood is from the heart to various parts of the body. For small artery damage and bleeding, only finger pressure compression is generally needed to stop bleeding. However, for large artery damage and bleeding, while compression hemostasis is performed, timely professional treatment at the hospital is necessary.

The specific treatment plan for arterial bleeding: 1. For bleeding caused by small arterial injuries, it is generally stopped by compressing the proximal end of the injured blood vessel. Generally, compression for 5 to 30 minutes can stop the bleeding. 2. For bleeding from the large artery, it is necessary to use a proximal pressure tourniquet to stop bleeding, and then quickly send the patient to the hospital for treatment. While replenishing blood volume, arterial vascular sutures should be performed.

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