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Company Profile

Shenzhen Rising Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Founded in November 2012. The company is headquartered in the Biomedical Innovation Industrial Park in Shenzhen. The company takes innovation as its core competitiveness, builds a multidisciplinary research and development platform, integrates medical, mechanical, electronic, materials, structural and other technologies, closely meets the clinical needs of cardiovascular intervention, tumor intervention, neurointervention, anesthesia and ICU, and develops hemostatic medical devices.
Corporate culture

Company vision

Continuously introducing and integrating cutting-edge technologies to provide comprehensive and optimal solutions for hemostatic instruments. Leading the definition of new quality standards for hemostatic products. Continuously integrating market channels and establishing a marketing network that serves the world

Our Mission

After years of effort and accumulation, Rising Medical Technology has become a leading professional supplier with complete products in the field of hemostasis. Adhering to the unremitting pursuit of innovation,Rising Medical Technology We will continuously develop medical products with innovative designs and excellent quality.

We are innovative pioneers in the field of hemostasis, bringing medical technology closer to life and warming every corner of the earth with the light of medical technology.

Our Products

The company has successfully developed a full range of arterial hemostatic products. Including Goldfinger ® Femoral artery electronic compression hemostatic device, Airpower ® Self powered radial artery hemostatic device, Liustar ® Brachial artery hemostatic device, Clotaid ® Hemostatic patches, Rising Band ® Series products such as balloon radial artery hemostatic device. The entire series of products is widely welcomed both domestically and internationally. Shenghao's sales network has further expanded from China to more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Central America, South America, and other regions.

Our innovation

Rising Medical The series of hemostatic products has obtained 3 invention patents and 3 PCT international patent priority rights, and has initiated national patent applications in Germany, the United States, Japan, India, Brazil, and Russia. Goldfinger ® The femoral artery electronic compression hemostatic device has won numerous awards in product design competitions due to its "world first" advantage.

Contact us

  •  Phone: 0755-82624909
     Email: info@risingmedical.com.cn
     Address: 6th Floor, Building 1-2, Shenzhen Biomedical Innovation Industrial Park, No. 14 Jinhui Road, Pingshan District, Shenzhen

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