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New members added to the Association for Promoting High Quality Development

Date:2024-03-07    Click: 920

An innovative pioneer in the field of hemostasis,
In order to bring medical technology closer to life,
In order to make the light of medical technology warm every corner of the earth.
Huang Xuming, General Manager of Shenghao Technology, said that this is their mission!

This afternoon, the Eastern Service Center of the High Quality Development Promotion Association visited Shenghao Technology, located in the National Biomedical Innovation Industrial Park, and officially awarded Shenzhen Shenghao Technology Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. as a member unit of the Shenzhen Enterprise High Quality Development Promotion Association.

During the exchange, Huang Xuming introduced the development history and technological advantages of Shenghao Technology, and mentioned the current problems and needs that the company is facing.

Shao Qi, Executive Chairman of the High Quality Development Promotion Association, stated that she will actively serve its needs and also hopes that enterprises can participate in activities organized by the association in a targeted manner to promote cooperation. She mentioned that the term "high-quality development" can be understood and implemented from many aspects. As an association, as its name suggests, the High Quality Development Promotion Association insists on making high-quality development the hard principle of the new era, actively and fully playing the role of a bridge and link, organizing various forms of activities to connect resources from all parties to serve enterprises, helping them find connections, chain needs, and eliminate "bottlenecks".

In addition, precisely because this term can be interpreted from multiple perspectives, it is not limited to serving enterprises, but also links government, school, enterprise, and other association resources to promote high-quality development and construction from a comprehensive and higher perspective. "This is also a relatively rare approach in business associations," said Shao Qi.

It is understood that Shenghao Technology was established in 2012 and has now developed into a medical device manufacturer that integrates research and development, production, and sales. With nearly a hundred patent certificates, Shenghao Technology is a medical device manufacturer that prioritizes research and development innovation and quality. It continuously introduces and integrates cutting-edge technology to provide comprehensive best solutions for hemostatic devices. It is a national high-tech enterprise, a national specialized and innovative enterprise, a member of Guangdong Medical Device Association, and a member of Shenzhen Medical Device Association.


Shenghao Technology has a leading new quality standard for defining hemostatic products and has successfully developed a full range of arterial hemostatic products. It has more than 200 distributors and nearly 1000 customer hospitals in China, and its products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions. Its series of products are widely used in ultrasound, obstetrics and gynecology, otolaryngology, cardiac intervention, vascular intervention, neurointerventional, tumor intervention, anesthesia, ICU, and hemodialysis.

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